Advertising itself to be “probably the healthiest cafe in the world”, Dr Smood directs you to spend money on their organic nutrition dense foods rather than health insurance.  (With their product prices you won't be able to afford both). While more of a bold marketing suggestion rather than qualified advice, Dr Smood is dedicated to cater the healthiest drinks, snacks and treats to wellness minded New Yorker’s.  What sets them apart from other health conscious cafe’s is their categorized menu, influenced by certified in-house nutritional doctors.

So who is exactly Dr Smood? The company was started by a Danish couple who focused in retail startups, and after many years of traveling yearned for a nutritious to-go cafe option.  They wanted the ambiance of their local cafe and easy access to fresh and actively beneficial takeaway foods. Thus Patrizia and René Sindlev created Dr Smood.

Working with acclaimed nutritionists and dietary experts they crafted a menu that isn’t just; dairy free, non-gmo, USDA certified organic, non-hpp and 80% plant based, but can also be easily curated to satisfy a customer's personal diet. Where Dr Smood excels most with their menu, is the attention to detail for both food and drink items.  Most take-away cafes focus on one rather than both.

Since its first commissary was established in Miami in 2016, nine more locations have opened with five in NYC.  With the health and wellness influencer explosion in the past couple of years I was interested to see how Dr Smood’s NYC locations would stand up to other health posts like Brodo, Juice Press and Honeybrains.  

Walking in to their cafe location on Houston, the earthy decor mixed with leather armchairs juxtaposes the streamlined marble bar.  The environment reminiscent of what Starbucks would’ve been like if it were established in Millennial era. Behind the bar the lengthy menu prescribes products depending on the customer's mood, which contain ingredients to boost the desired effect. The moods range from power, beauty, immunity, detox, energy, and health.

Navigating the menu one can either; 1. choose color coded products categorized by your desired mood, or 2. by appetite and reap the nutritional benefits as a bonus.  I took the latter route. As a lactose intolerant with multiple food sensitivities I was ecstatic to try their dairy free version of a chocolate shake, coconut whipped cream included. Was it as delicious as say a classic fast food milkshake? No. Yet it satisfied my chocolate craving with positive sides effects from the energy packed dates, cashews, “superfood sprinkles” and tocotrienols (vitamin E based chemicals that support gastrointestinal health).  

What’s next for Dr Smood, continuing to-go cafe chains, or possibly venture into nutrient dense casual dining? Compared to other health forward chains, I found Dr Smood’s cafe products the most delicious with a comfortable atmosphere. It was hard to photograph the space with many patrons lingering long after their meal either chatting or on their devices. Dr Smood has arrived in New York at the right time as the health trend shows no signs of slowing. Expect to see one in your neighborhood soon.