Challenge:   Brand a new generation specialty fertility pharmacy

Deliverable:  Creative direction of the Schraft's customer experience

Concept:   More than the medication

Adam Hait sold his specialty fertility pharmacy to Walgreens in 2005. In 2016, he decided to re-enter the business and build a specialty fertility pharmacy that would fill a void in the market.   Personalized care.  Pharmacies have become a commodity business and patients have become numbers. 

In fertility, patients have complex and time dependent treatment plans. When they receive medication, it's overwhelming and they are pushed up a steep learning curve. A lot is on the line.  Their emotions are running high from the medications they are taking, to the baby they're hoping for and the financial commitment they are making.

Schraft's 2.0 never loses site of the patient as a human being.  Neither should their brand. Schraft's 2.0 needed a brand and a customer experience that would make customers feel comfortable, informed and more confident, during this challenging process.

Working with the Riley Group has been a breath of fresh air. The attention to detail is so important when you are building a brand from scratch, but it is more than being attentive. The innovative style and overall ability to see through the minutia to arrive at a really fantastic solution, not once, but every time, is what makes the difference. Every business is different. Every brand is different. The real key is the people at the Riley Group - Carl, Killian and the whole group are professional, innovative and fun to work with. It has been a pleasure building Schraft’s 2.0 with them.
— Adam Hait, President and Owner

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Open the Box Brand and Experience Design

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