Independent Brand & Experience Strategist

Shawn is principal of empathico LLC, a brand experience consultancy founded twelve years ago and dedicated to helping clients understand their market position and audiences more clearly – all in an effort to develop experiences that relate and resonate. Her current work leverages her 7 years of experience as a product/business manager and 7 years as a creative agency strategist. She has a strong understanding of client-side priorities and challenges, but also recognizes what fuels creative teams. She is effective in helping teams translate consumer insight into brand-right deliverables that meet a marketplace need. Both analytical and intuitive, Shawn relies on a whole-brained approach to see the big picture and break it down in detail. Whether it’s crafting a research methodology to expose consumer truths, or synthesizing disparate pieces of information to explain a situation or problem, Shawn’s curiosity and persistence help her emerge on the other side with a plan, a framework, and a solution.