Killian McIlroy

Killian McIlroy is a communication design specialist based-in Columbus Ohio. Having spent nearly a decade working at FITCH, a global retail, branding and strategy agency, and having worked for a diverse portfolio of brands, he has developed an acute understanding for how visual communication effects consumer behavior. It is through this understanding that he is able to create effective messaging systems unique to each business or opportunity.

Recently, Killian has forged on independently, continuing to consult on well suited projects, while also co-founding a boutique design company called Sidecar Creatives and launching into commercial development, with a project called East Public. These ventures all focus on a quest to not only conceive, but more importantly produce, design experiences that focus on creating meaningful connections with guests.  Having worked alongside Carl Riley for 6+ years, Killian joined Riley Group Inc. to continue building and expanding on the successes they earned as a design/strategy partnership.