Angela Stiftar has a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati. During her time there, she spent 6 quarters interning at retail design & architecture firms around the country. Post graduation, she spent four years at FITCH where she worked with a multitude of international clients. Clients throughout her career have included: Target, Lowe’s, Hudson, Swarovski, Microsoft, Hilton Garden Inn, and Tim Hortons. Retail design is Angela’s specialty; she loves working with companies to transform their brand into physical spaces. This includes, but is not limited to creating brand identities, promotional graphics, complex wayfinding systems, and city window displays. Angela is the founder of the company Midwest Mermaid, which combines her passions of design, fine art, & videography. Midwest Mermaid operates out of a Columbus, OH co-op, with over a hundred other designers, artists, photographers, & performers.