Alec Ozawa

Independent Photographer/Videographer

Alec Ozawa is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Chicago. With a formal education and BFA in photography, along with workplace experience helping clients like The Field Museum, Google, Trunk Club, and the neighborhood mom and pop restaurant, Alec has learned how to embrace creative problem solving in projects of all sizes, and enjoy every moment of it.

Always wearing multiple hats, Alec continues learning through professional growth in positions such as director of photography, production consultant, digital technician, key grip, video editing, photo retouching, project management, and voiceover narration. Whether it's in a studio, on location, or from behind the bars on a motorcycle, his passion is creating pictures and will travel anywhere to make them. From start to finish, experience has equipped him to handle scaleable challenges, or simply help consult when you need a little extra support.

(630) 391-1322