Challenge:  Translate the small, dark, clunky dining experience of Tensuke Express, into a larger vibrant experience that everyone enjoys.
Deliverable:  Full brand package and design documentation
Concept:  Tensuke Express
Agency:  Sidecar Creatives

Tensuke Express is a traditional Japanese quick service restaurant that held a long standing cult following among the more adventurous foodies in Columbus for decades. Previously found in the back room of an authentic Japanese grocery store located in a north Columbus strip mall, and at a whopping 1000 square feet, it was known more for its food quality than its dining experience. Looking to expand into a larger location and broaden it’s appeal to a younger more western audience, we were asked to develop from the ground up a new brand experience. On top of our typical process of conceive, design, refine, produce… we also worked alongside all vendors and contractors through the installation process and build numerous customs elements.