Meet Brooklinen, makers of luxury bed and bath linens. Like many ecommerce disruptors, Brooklinen’s business model is to provide top-quality product at fair prices by cutting out the middleman.

I went to check out the internet-famous linens at the brand’s holiday pop-up in SoHo. There, the ritual of online shopping was brought to life. I was given a clipboard with a menu so I could pick out my core bedding bundle, then add on extra products like pillows and towels. The products were nicely organized in a way that was pleasant and easy to shop. And, of course, the linens themselves were a quality product.

There was also an awesome selfie opportunity at the entrance of the store: a vertical bedroom that encouraged all visitors to grab their smartphones and strike a pose. Millennial-chic neon signs and an off-the-cuff, punny brand voice gave personality to a company whose industry is notoriously, well, boring.

It’s great to see another industry get freshened up by a company that’s equal parts fun and talented at what it does. I’ll never get tired of a brand like Brooklinen putting customer experience first.